Catholic Cathedral İzmir




Attention please!

Our Cathedral for damage

caused by earthquake



Holy Mass is celebrated every Thursday at 6.30 pm (in Turkish) at Santa Maria's Church

Santa Maria' Church at in Pasaport (Konak), next to the Renaissance Hotel. (Address: Halit Ziya Bulvarı no: 67 Pasaport-Konak (İzmir)


Only members of the community can access

the church.

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Catholic Holy Mass
celebrated in English

 BODRUM, Turkey

Christmas Celebration at 11:00 a.m  - Thursday 24 december, 2020

Catholic Liturgy in English to be held at Manastir Hotel, Bodrum

Location of Manastir Hotel is:

Kumbahçe Mahallesi Mustafa Kemal Street No: 37 BODRUM MUĞLA

+90 (252) 316 28 54

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To the community of Izmir Cathedral

Dear all,

Next Sunday, June 14, Corpus Christi Day, we will resume public celebrations of the Holy Mass.

We will again be able to participate in the Eucharistic celebration, on the same day in which the Church solemnly celebrates the real presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ among us in the sacrament of the Eucharist: the bread and wine sacrament of the Body and Blood of the Risen Lord.

It is a significant day! We gather together on Sunday to commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus, but also to remember that we too, in Jesus, died to sin and rose to new life in Baptism. This new life is nourished, strengthened, made to grow - until the perfect image of Jesus Christ is formed in us - from the Eucharist. But the sacrament of the Body and Blood of the Lord does not save us as individuals, but makes us one body: the Church.


The days of isolation that we have lived help us to taste the beauty of the bonds of unity between us. We are not individuals, who are together on the same day of the week for a personal spiritual need. We are a community, even if a little particular.

The resumption of the community journey is an opportunity for renewal of our Christian life. I hope that so much fear, so much isolation, attention to one's own safety and that of others and all that we have experienced in this period, has taught us something.

I urge the baptized to celebrate the sacrament of confession before returning to communion. Father Pascal, Father Esteban and I will be available to hear confessions.

To the regulations about which I have written previously, other norms must be added:

-The tine of fellowship, where we usually take tea and coffee together after Mass will remain closed for the moment.

-At the end of the Holy Mass the church will be left immediately, to allow the sanitation of the environment. For those who wish, always keeping the necessary distance, they can remain to exchange greetings outside the Cathedral.

-You will always enter through the door on the right, looking at the church. You can exit all open doors to avoid gatherings.

I am aware that we all have the desire to see one another and to return to the habits that preceded the pandemic, but for now we cannot do so.

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

Fr. Ugo