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Catholic Cathedral İzmir




Opening hours

for personal prayer and visit


(Closed to visitors on Sundays)



Sunday Holy Mass 

  10:00 (English)

  12:00 (Turkish)

      18:00 (Po polsku)





Brothers and sisters, the link below is the official youtube channel of the Catholic Church of Izmir. To live stream through a computer and webcam our channel will need to have at least 1,000 subscribers. You can subscribe and help spread this link. Thank you.


Youtube Link:  


Catholic Holy Mass
celebrated in English

 BODRUM, Turkey

Catholic Liturgy in English to be held at Hotel Club Flora, Bodrum

For further info:

Address : Dayılar Sokak Değirmenler Altı Gümbet / BODRUM
İnformation And Reservation : 0 252 319 40 00

The next Holy Mass in Bodrum will be celebrated, June 15, at 1100am.

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